Tourism in Hirosaki

Situated in the south of Aomori prefecture in Northern Japan, the city of Hirosaki became a cultural center when chosen about 400 years ago by the Tsugaru clan as their residence town.
Around the Hirosaki castle park you can still find old samurai houses and shrines making you feel the history of the city.

Hirosaki's Cherry blossom Festival is one of the greatest in all Japan and every year around 2 millions visitors come to see it. The 2600 trees at full blossom, with the castle tower (the last one remainning in Eastern Japan) and the red bridges offers a beautiful Japanese landscape.

In the city, you can find japanese style and western style buildings from the Meiji era (1868-1912) made by the Horie familly and their disciples, as well as buildings from the Showa era (1926-1989) made by Maekawa Kunio a disciple of Le Corbusier. Therefore Hirosaki city is a mix of different times from old to modern, and of styles making it very unique.

Historical and cultural city, Hirosaki

Mt. Iwaki

Symbole of the tsugaru region, and cornerstone of the heart of the people leaving in Hirosaki. This volcano of 1625m high with its three summit shape and its location in the middle of a plain makes it a perfect landmark.

Hirosaki castle park

Situated in the park in the center of Hirosaki city, the former residence of the Tsugaru domain governor (Tsugaru daimyo) is now a resting and touristic place. Situated five minutes from the Suimeiso, why not having a walk there after lunch?

Neputa festival

Although there are Neputa and Nebuta festivals all over the Tsugaru region, the Hirosaki Neputa is special for its fan-shaped floats, its “yah-ya-doh” and the sound of flute and taiko. You can watch it every year from August 1st to August 7th.


Hirosaki is the place number 1 for apples in Japan. Fall is the best period to eat them, of course, but with a lot of derivated products (apple alcohol, sweets...) it makes it the best souvenir gift.

Tourism in Tsugaru (around Hirosaki)

"Thank to the Shinkansen you can now easily go to Hirosaki in only 4 hours from Tokyo. Here you will find a lot of hotels and inns where to stay and the city is a good base to go and do tourism around in Tsugaru region.
You can go skiing, trekking, or just walk around and enjoy food from the Japan sea like scallops or tuna."

Enjoy nature in Aomori

Shirakami-sanchi, World Heritage

Shirakami-sanchi was the first place in Japan to be recognized as a UNESCO World heritage. Easily accessible from Nishimeya-village close to Hirosaki (at about 1 hour by car), you can enjoy there trekking or forest bathing.

Mt. Hakkoda

"Famous for the novel and movie of the same name, and for the frosted landscape in winter. Located east-northeast of Hirosaki it take 1 hour by car to get there.
There are also many onsen (hotsprings) there, like the Sukayu onsen or the tsuta onsen, so why not having a warm bath there?"


A touristic place know all over Japan and located 1 hour 40 minutes by car from Hirosaki. Why not having a walk on the promenade, go to an onsen and then come back to Hirosaki for dinner?

Sunset on the western coast

The sunset city Fukaura is only 2 hours driving from Hirosaki. After having lunch in Hirosaki you can take the JR Gono line "Shirakami resort" to go there and enjoy the Japan sea dyed in orange at the end of a sunny day.